Laser hair removal is, by far, one of the most popular beauty treatments in the UK. Whether you are already a clinic owner or looking to begin a new business venture, training in this popular treatment is guaranteed to expand your client base. But what is required to become fully certified? Take a look at our guide on how to train in laser hair removal for full details.

How To Train In Laser Hair Removal With Bianco Academy

As a reputable training academy, we have helped many students to pursue their career goals. Our tailored courses provide our students with maximum output, covering both theory and practical training. You’ll learn not only how to provide a safe, effective treatment but also how to conduct a client consultation and provide sufficient aftercare.

Our Laser Hair Removal Training remains one of our most regularly booked courses. On completion of your training, you will be ready to begin providing the treatment to your own client base. Find out more about what to expect from your training below:

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly the most effective, longest-term hair removal solution. When performed by a fully trained practitioner, the treatment is completely safe and non-invasive, using high-intensity lasers to heat and destroy the hair follicles, permanently impeding growth.

The equipment used during laser hair removal is designed only to target the follicles, causing absolutely no damage to the surrounding skin. Sessions are safe for all hair colours and skin tones, though results do vary, as the lasers attack the melanin in the hair. For example, those with fair skin but dark hair will achieve quicker results than those with fair skin and light hair, as lasers can easily recognise the contrast.

As not only trainers but also qualified laser practitioners, our team have provided laser hair removal for many years. Having treated all areas of the face and body, from the upper lip and chin to the arms, legs, back and bikini line, we recognise what it takes to deliver the highest standard of client care. These trialled and tested tips will be shared with you throughout your course.

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How To Train In Laser Hair Removal UK

Due to the risks associated with lasers, there are prerequisite courses that you must pass before beginning your Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Training. If you are starting from scratch, we will create a tailored package to allow you to complete all required courses with our trainers. These can be completed on consecutive days or spread out based on your schedule.

Step 1: Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology Training

If you are beginning your journey from scratch with no previous training, you will always start with Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology. This is a mandatory requirement and is a one-day course led by one of our experienced trainers. You will be given a pre-course learning pack to begin understanding the theory before your classroom-based session.

During Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology Training, the focus will be on exploring the inner workings of the human body. We will cover topics including cells and tissues, the skeletal and muscular systems, human ageing and much more.

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Step 2: Level 4 Core of Knowledge Training

The next stage will be to complete your Level 4 Core of Knowledge Training. If you have a medical or beauty background, you may already be Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology certified, meaning you will skip the previous step and move straight onto this course.

Level 4 Core of Knowledge will begin to introduce you to lasers and intense pulse light (IPL) equipment, guiding you through their characteristics and their impact on the body. You will discover how light and wavelengths filter through the skin, along with the potential risks.

We will dedicate time to safety management, which will be explained through diagrams and videos, detailing how to manage risks while staying compliant with the latest legislation, laws and safety standards.

You will also be introduced to client consultations, including how to assess their medical history and determine contraindications, as well as the actions to take should accidental exposure to lasers occur.

Laser Training

Step 3: Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Training

Once both prerequisite requirements are complete, you can move on to your Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Training. For those who complete all three courses on consecutive days, we do provide free accommodation for up to two nights, making your experience as stress-free as possible.

So what does your training involve? During your course, you will learn the theory behind the following:

  • The hair cycle
  • The factors that impact hair growth
  • How pulses of light limit regrowth
  • Mechanisms involved in equipment
  • The anatomy of skin tissue
  • Understanding wavelengths

You’ll also be taught how to:

  • Conduct a client consultation
  • Ensure all necessary paperwork is complete
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Prepare your clinic and treatment rooms
  • Carry out a risk assessment
  • Manage unexpected side effects

As part of your course, we will also provide you with a range of clients to treat under the one-to-one supervision of your trainer. This will all be photographed and documented so you can use these clients for your case studies. Once all case studies are complete, only then will you receive your full CPD Group certification. Following your training, you will also be provided with a memory stick of all course content to refer back to whenever needed.

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Laser Hair Removal Training & Equipment With Bianco Academy

We’re committed to being more than just a training provider; we are a long-term partner for our students. That’s why we also supply a wide range of advanced equipment, which can be purchased from our academy and delivered to your clinic.

Our laser hair removal machine of choice is the Triple Wavelength Diode Laser, which is designed with three wavelengths; 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm. Able to be fully customised to match your clinic branding, this machine offers powerful energy absorption and penetrates deep into the follicles for quick results. It also features an integrated cooling system to ensure your clients are as comfortable as possible during sessions.

Once you have purchased your machine, your trainer will not only hand-deliver it to you but also arrange a tutorial session to ensure that you can get the most from your investment. They will help you to set up your machine and can shadow you during your first few sessions with clients. Refresher training is also available for an additional cost.

Ultimately, your success is our priority. We will continue to support you after your training through our business development programmes, ensuring that you provide the very best treatment to your clients.

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The Best Laser Hair Removal Training

Here at Bianco Academy, we understand that embarking on a career change can be daunting, but it is our mission to make the process as straightforward and, most importantly, enjoyable as possible. Our courses have been specially designed and approved by the CPD Group, ensuring that our students receive maximum output,

With this in mind, if you are interested in beginning your journey to becoming laser hair removal certified, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our courses are tailored exclusively to our students, so we will work with you to create a package that works for you.