Keith Cross

Trainee Details

  • Name: Keith Cross

Training requirements:

Keith contacted Bianco Academy as he was looking to change career and start his own Laser Tattoo Removal business.As a fully trained and experienced Paramedic with a vast understanding of Anatomy & Physiology, Keith was able to start his training with Bianco at the Level 4 Core of Knowledge before commencing his Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training.

To fit in with his work and family commitments, we arranged two blocks of two days training on consecutive weeks with accommodation provided the night before so Keith could travel down to the Academy from South Yorkshire and arrive for his training refreshed and ready to go!

About The Training:

The first two days were classroom based where our trainer Loraine covered everything Keith needed to enable him to progress to his practical days.

The training was very interactive with Keith asking lots of questions and checking his understanding throughout.

Keith returned the following Monday for his practical days where he was able to watch our trainer carry out consultations, perform laser tattoo removal treatments on cosmetic tattoos as well as standard tattoos, and carbon laser peels.

The following day Keith carried out consultations and treatments himself including tattoo removal, removal of cosmetic tattooed eyebrows and beauty spots, as well as carbon peels, under the close supervision and guidance of our trainer who was so impressed with his capabilities especially in the consultations which were second to none!

Keith was huge fun to have around and showed a real passion for his new career, which we look forward to hearing all about.

Student Feedback

"What can I say? One of the best courses I’ve ever been on, I was genuinely sad when it was over and was considering moving nearby so I can visit more often! I attended the Laser Tattoo removal course, and the entire package was expertly put together and delivered. Very solid theoretical base followed by excellent, mentored hands-on practical experience. I would definitely recommend, and would not recommend anywhere else! Thank you everyone at team Bianco. It was emotional!"