Course Requirements

To be eligible for the Level 4 Scalp Micro-pigmentation training, you must already be up to a Level 3 standard. Fortunately, Bianco Academy also provides a Level 3 course, which can be completed in just 1 day. Take a look at our Level 3 page for available course dates.

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About our scalp micro-pigmentation Trainer, Agnieszka Zapała

Agnieszka Zapałais a world-class trainer and specialist with extensive experience in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive pigmentation.

A highly skilled Linergist with many years of experience in Poland and internationally, Agnieszka is the founder of “Natural Permanent Make up” and “Mikro Hair”, the first Micro-Pigmentation Centre in Poland, one of the industry’s largest and well respected training academies – which has been established for over 10 years and has trained in the around 2,000 students, including trainers. She has her own brand of equipment and semi-permanent make up pigments, ‘Soft Liner’ and ‘Natural Perfection’.

She has written many articles for the trade press and is the author of an innovative method that helps people suffering from hair loss.

Amongst other successful projects, Agnieszka is the initiator of the project ‘Butterflies of Awareness’ which is a programme aimed to teach and promote awareness of breast nipple reconstruction after mastectomy; she understands the importance of helping and supporting women who have undergone a mastectomy.

The Theory Behind Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Not only is it imperative to gain a full, comprehensive understanding of how to carry out a scalp micro-pigmentation treatment on a client, you must also have extensive knowledge of the theory behind the procedure. Your trainer will thoroughly go through the anatomy and physiology of the skin including the three different layers of the skin, along with how this is relevant to scalp-micro pigmentation. The colour theory and the history behind pigmentation creation will also be explained with diagrams. As well as this, we will cover all of the machines and pigments used during this treatment, and which ones are the best to use.

Preparing Your Premises For Scalp Micro-pigmentation

During your training, you will cover all elements required to present scalp micro-pigmentation to clients in a professional manner. Similarly to all treatments, strict health and safety standards is crucial for maintaining a business compliant with all regulations. You will understand the required PPE, personal protective equipment; you will need to supply along with the health, safety and hygiene procedures you must implement. The steps of sterilisation and disposal of equipment will also be covered.

Client Consultations

There are many different steps towards providing a professional and safe treatment to a client. During the initial consultation, you must carry out a patch test to assess any allergies and potential contraindications, as well as consulting the client’s requirements to make a plan on how to tailor their treatment. Your trainer will help you to understand how to alter styles and colour match for a perfect, natural outcome.

Each client has a different pain threshold and will react differently to the sensation of scalp micro-pigmentation. An important section of your training will be managing pain control and what preventative measures to put in place, such as anaesthetic cream to keep the discomfort of your client at a minimum.

You will be provided with a list of questions to ask your client during the consultation, as well as supporting documentation that they will be required to fill out. Lastly, you will be taught sufficient aftercare instructions to give all clients, how to explain the healing process and also infection control in the worst-case scenario.

Course Outcome

By the end of the course, you will be required to carry out 5 case studies in order to complete your training. Bianco Academy will happily provide these for you at an additional cost.

New Opportunities

Upon completion, you will be able to implement this hugely popular treatment into your existing or new clinic. As one of the most profitable treatments in the industry, it will propel your clinic to new heights and enable you to attract a brand new customer base.

Bianco Academy is here to help you develop your clinic, fully supporting you throughout your training as well as afterwards. As experts in the beauty industry, we are able to fully supply your business with all of the necessary equipment and accessories needed, to ensure that your clinic is always stocked with the latest industry-standard products. We are also able to visit your clinic once you have completed the training to deliver refresher courses at an additional cost should this be required.

Why Choose Bianco Academy

Start your career today with Bianco Academy and reap the many benefits that come along with your course. Not only will you learn the necessary skills to develop your clinic, but also have the chance to gain new experiences and relationships.

Free Accommodation

When booking a 3 day course, Bianco Academy will provide you with free accommodation for up to 2 nights.

Course Information

You will be given a free memory stick, complete with all course information for you to look back on.

Upcoming Training Programmes

Bianco Academy runs courses on a weekly basis. Please contact Bianco Academy ( for further details.

Very Professional Team Of Trainers

"I have been running a clinic for a few years now but wanted to introduce scalp micro-pigmentation. The team at the academy were extremely professional and very friendly, making it easy to ask as many questions that I needed. I will be coming back in a few months to complete some more training at the academy, and I’m so excited! "